About us

About us

Here at Southend Hospital we strive to provide high quality care for every patient, every time.

CQC ratings

CQC rating

Southend University Hospital is facing many of the same challenges as trusts up and down the country, and we recognise we have to make changes to the way we work.

Quality and safety is the thread that runs throughout our strategic goals placing the needs of our patients at the very heart of our organisation to ensure that we can continue to provide the best possible care and outcomes for them.

We know that the best care and clinical outcomes are achieved in an environment which inspires and promotes research and innovation.

This in turn offers us new ways of working to help meet the financial challenges ahead and we know to fully reach our potential we will need to work even more closely with our partners across health and social care to provide fully integrated and responsive services, whether they are delivered in hospital or in the community.

We must adapt to take advantage of new opportunities and to meet the new challenges that face us. Our clinicians and staff are some of the best in the NHS and we need to ensure they are supported to flourish and provide the care they want to.

Our ambitions are clear. We want to improve what we do whilst ensuring we spend money wisely. We want to ensure the safety and quality of care at all times, and we want to work in a much more integrated way with our partners who provide health and social care services in our community.

Our strategic goals

  • Excellent patient outcomes
  • Excellent patient experience
  • Engaged and valued staff
  • Financial and operational sustainability

To read more detail about our strategic goals, please take a look at our five year strategy

Our values